We have a love of the sea.

Adele realized this in her mid 20’s and retired from firefighting to retrain as a marine biologist. She obtained her PhD in Marine Science from the College of William and Mary in 1996. After post doc’ing at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute she moved to Australia in 1998 for her first academic appointment at Flinders University. In 2002 Adele moved to the University of Sydney and grew to become a successful scientist with world recognition for her research.

Adele spent most of her working life exploring the uncharted depths of the world’s oceans.

Then in 2007 she met Stuart, on Valentine’s day of all things. He wasn’t fazed by her love of the sea or degrees. In fact he complimented her degrees with his own in oceanography and time in the Royal Australian Navy as an officer.

At the time Stuart was working in IT and a single father raising his sons. Adele packed away her marine biology gear and joined him on this journey.

We’ve traveled the world together, often with the children and sometimes with our extended family. Always looking at the natural world.

The day finally arrived when the children had all left home. The nest was finally empty and the sea called.

In 2019 Stuart and Adele cast-off the shackles of the corporate world and Sydney, for tropical Far North Queensland.

We established Great Barrier Reef Safaris to share our love of the sea and adventure.

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Our Team

Dr Adele is the chief scientist. She’ll be putting to good use her more than a quarter of a century of experience as a teacher and marine researcher to guide your adventure. She’s led research expeditions to some of the remotest locations on the planet. Now it’s your chance to join Dr Adele out on the Great Barrier Reef and learn about one of the seven natural wonders of the planet.

Capt’n Stuart will transport you to his favourite, secret spots, perfect for your chosen activities. Whether it’s seeing the sights, snorkeling the outer reef or spending time at a secluded picnic spot for two, Capt’n Stuart will take you there.

Our Achievements

Such an incredible honour to be named the Prince’s Trust Australia inaugural Environmental Warrior.  And so incredibly proud of Stuart.

But then to be named Commonwealth Bank 2022 Small Business of the Year blew our socks off.

Three years ago when we hedged our bets on a sea change to ecotourism we were unable to imagine something like this. It definitely wasn’t in the five year plan. But neither was a global pandemic two weeks after we bought the business.

The past three years have been challenging for the tourism industry and especially microbusinesses like ours. We had faith in what we had set out to do.

Warriors against climate change.

We created experiences that were not only memorable but gave people hope and inspired them to make change in their lives to protect The Reef. We became certified Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Eye on the Reef monitors. Adding much needed data on our patch, 5% of the Great Barrier Reef, to the only national data set on reef health.

We teach and we watch. We are fighting for what we love.

Because you can only protect what you love.

Stuart receiving his award from the Honourable Julie Bishop, Clare Morgan and his Excellency the Governor General David Hurley.