You’ve booked your villa on East Bedarra and now you need a ride. And someone with local knowledge to look after all the little things.

We operate from the Clump Point Boat Ramp so that you step off the pontoon onto Brahminy. At Bedarra we’ll back onto the beach, as above, to be greeted by your caretakers where you’ll step off into shin deep water onto our corner of paradise. Your caretakers will look after getting your luggage and provisions to your villa.

Our transfers include:

  • Collection of your online orders from the Mission Beach Woolworths and BWS
  • Luggage, see below for limits and costs for additional luggage
  • Provisions outbound, except for 5-8 persons then provisioning is done prior to your arrival.
  • Rubbish and linen returning to Mission Beach
  • Secure parking of your vehicle at our home
PasssengersFull Service Return
2 persons$700
3-4 persons$875
5-8 persons, includes pre-provisioning$1,300
Commencing September 2022 fuel surcharges will be applied.

There are a variety of local butchers, fishmongers and green grocers that you can source great local delicacies. If you’ve never had prawns straight from the trawler then you are missing out. If you are after the quality you expect from a micro-business be sure to preorder from the providers below to pick up on your way down the coast.  Your driver won’t mind collecting an order but will charge you extra if you insist on going in and shopping. 

We have commercial refrigerators and freezers for the safe storage of your supplies until we take them to the island. You are welcome to drop off any provisions you collect on your journey, just ring ahead to make sure we are there.

Let’s talk about luggage. Your island castaway holiday should have you packing light. But just in case, in line with Qantas, guests are allowed one carry on and one piece of checked baggage less than 23kg each. Additional, $100 each one way, and heavy, $50 each one way, items will be charged accordingly. If there is no room in the boat, additional items will be taken over as per the charterer’s instructions as backfill at the aforementioned rates or a dedicated freight run, $525.