Since our inception, we have played host to special celebrations of multi-generational families.

Family snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef. Photo courtesy Tourism and Events Queensland on board with us!

A safari is the ideal break from routine for all members of the family, in which phones can be put down and heads turned up to the beauty of the wildlife and landscape. Sharing this unique experience is the perfect way to bring families together and create lasting memories – whether it’s with some catch and release fishing, snorkelling, beach picnic or camping on your own island.

We remember what it was like travelling with our three boys. It’s amazing to see how children experience the Reef and view the wildlife, and just as exciting to experience it all through the eyes of a parent, grandparent or doting aunt or uncle.

Our adventures draw on our own experiences as parents who traveled with their children are personally tailored for your family ensuring everyone has a great day.